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Unable to mount scratch partition

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  • Unable to mount scratch partition

    I noticed the line "Unable to mount scratch partition" recorded in my system messages today. This is the first time I have seen this message and it does not sound like a good thing. Is this message an item to be concerned with?

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    Your partitions would be located on the CF card in the firewall. If you are unable to mount or access a portion of it, I would consider replacing the CF card. So to answer your question, yes you should be concerned. It looks like you have an unknown amount of time before the CF card no longer works.


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      Thanks Rick,

      This is in a GB-2000 firewall, version 6.1.1 (built 2013-02-12). Is the CF card plugin replaceable? Is there a documented process for preparing a new CF card for use in this device? (I know the GB-2000 is approaching EOL.)
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        Hello Jost,

        As Rick has mentioned, this log message indicates a failed CF Card. You may begin to have firewall stability issues or have issues saving any data to the CF Card (IPS and AV Updates, Runtime Updates, Country IP Database Updates, etc.). I would recommend that you contact a GTA sales representative by email at or by phone at 1-407-308-0220. They will be able to setup an RMA for you (if you have an Extended Warranty) or provide you a quote for a replacement CF Card. For your information, the GB-2000 family of firewalls enters EOL on February 28th, 2014.