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Understand Weekly report graphs

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  • Understand Weekly report graphs

    In the user guide the intervals are explained:
    Hour - average for the ast 10 seconds of the period
    Day - average for the last 3 minutes of the period
    Week Average for the last 21 minutes of the period

    In the executive and daily reports the email/spam graphs seem to be scaled to fit on the y Axis
    (on the accepted/rejected mail graphs)

    At the bottom (for example):
    SPAM Current 66m Average 129 m maximum 587m
    RDNS Current 0m Average 209 u maximum 207m

    I presume the "m" means messages per interval as above.
    Does anyone know what the "u" means?

    I am unable to upload the graphs in JPG/ PNG /PDF or attach them

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    Hello Stuza1

    We apologize for the delay in reply. We have asked our development team to review the email graphs and on further inspection we believe that the values displayed need to be revised. Our next update will include values which should make more sense and no longer use the "m" and "u" units.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.