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Can't get address from cable modem

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  • Can't get address from cable modem

    One of my clients uses Charter Communications Cable as their ISP, they have a dynamic address. An old GB200 will get an address from the Motorola cable modem fine, a GB250 V6x won't get an address ... I never ran into this before .... no matter what I tried I couldn't get an address from Charter's network ...

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    Make sure you have DHCP and Gateway selected on the Interface connected to the cable modem.


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      What have you tried and what were you results (other than it doesnt work)? Give us more information. Without knowing what you have tried, Daman is right. Go into your Network Interfaces list and edit your external port. Verify that the DHCP and gateway option are enabled. If you make any changes, dont forget to save the section after you are done.


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        Gateway and DHCP are checked ... the old GB200 works fine, gets an address, the GB250 won't get an address, the GB is fine, something with the Motorola cable modem and the GB250 together. I seem to remember something a long time ago about something to do with the MAC address .. I have installed a lot of GBs over the years and haven't ran into this problem before


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          If there is a MAC address problem, then all you need to do is Flush the ARP table.

          Since the GB-250 is new, I am guessing that it wont have an ARP entry for the Modem so your problem wont be here.

          This leaves the modem's ARP table. I will assume you do not have login access to the modem to clear its settings so I would just unplug the modem for 20 seconds, verify all lights are off and plug it back in. This should be enough to clear the ARP table in it.