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  • Memory Usage on GB

    We have recently added a site to site vpn terminated on a GB2500 (our end).
    The IPSEC log and syslog was in verbose debug mode. I have now turned it off. (Config/VPN/Preferences/advanced)
    The memory usage dropped from 80% to 36%.

    Does anyone have other tips in respect of what uses a lot of memory?

    Any tips on effective Security policies, Static routes and the usage of address objects and if these consume large amounts of memory?

    The prime tip on Security policies, I would guess, is that the policies that will be activated the most, higher up in the list.
    Check Monitor/Activity/Security policies for redundant polices that are no longer needed or being activated.
    (I guess these tips should be another thread) .... but linked to memory usage here.

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    If a process is going to raise CPU/mem resources, it is going to be because of a service or a service that is attached to a security policy. Not a security policy by itself. So for example, IPS can be a large resource consumer depending how many IPS policies are enabled. So if you have IPS enabled, security policies which implement IPS will use a lot of resources when matched.

    In your comment about redundant policies, these policies should not affect your resources if they are not matched. I think it is a good idea to remove policies that are not needed, but they will not affect you resource usage at all. You will have a better effect by disabling the Threat management services, as an example.

    It may be beneficial to contact support in your area so they can log into your system to review the processes on your system. This will let you know exactly which service is high, instead of attempting to guess.


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      Thank you. You are on track on IPS.