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GB-850--how to do hardware reset?

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  • GB-850--how to do hardware reset?

    The thing has a recessed button labelled "RESET". Comes with zero directions on how that might ever be useful. The documentation gives directions for doing the reset through the console serial interface, but while there's an unused knockout on the base for a DB9, there isn't an actual port...there's an RJ45 labelled "CONSOLE", but nothing explaining how *that* is to be used. My first guess would be that there's some NOT-INCLUDED serial to RJ45 adapter. I have wired more than my share of such adapters for doing RS232 over CAT5/6, but am not excited about hooking stuff to this port with NO DOCUMENTATION for this (expensive) piece of hardware.

    How to proceed? The thing came with an unlabeled CDR that has nothing on it later than the GB-820 data sheet, which is hardly a manual. But heck, *that* had a serial port, so you could follow directions.

    My first choice would be an explanation of how to reset and start over using this "RESET" button. Barring that, an explanation of how to use the CONSOLE port on the device. I bought this to replace a GB-820 with a dying cooling fan, and expected this to be an improvement and easy. So far, not so much. Today is a holiday, but this is the first day I had away from work to try to configure the thing and swap it in for its dying cousin. Sigh.

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    Hello rimalisz,

    The recessed button is a power reset, not a configuration reset. All GB-OS documentation is available online (including the Console Guide) at

    The GB-850 ships with an RJ-45 to DB-9 console adapter which can be used to connect to a serial console emulator running on a computer. The GB-850 ships in a default state with the address on eth0. Resetting the GB-850 to factory defaults will set the same on eth0 as is already configured when the unit ships. Connecting to the GB-850's serial port is no different than connecting to a GB-820's serial port other than the console cable used to connect (both are shipped with the required cables) and the baud rate (38400 for GB-820 and 115200 for GB-850). The primary means of configuring GB-OS is through the web interface. GB-OS also allows for direct import of XML configurations from other firewalls. You can import and apply the configuration from the failing GB-820 directly onto the replacement GB-850.