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IPS decrease download speed

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  • IPS decrease download speed

    GBware intel Pentium-D 3.4 GHZcpu intel pro 1000 mt NIC 3gig Ram SATA 250gb HDD tyan server board with OS 6.2.0. ISP provide 300/100 D/U when enable IPS speed drop to 200/100 disable ISP it back to 300/100. any ideas?
    also after upgrade to 6.2.0 when ever connection exceed 20k the firewall reboot itself. it never happened before 6.2.0 any ideas?.

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    Hello saveurpc,

    This is expected behavior of the IPS service. The IPS engine performs a deep packet inspection of all packets travelling through the firewall and is very CPU intensive. IPS typically drops download speeds between 30% and 40% (consistent with what you are seeing), depending on the processor installed in the GB-Ware system. If you would like to increase this download speed, and still keep IPS enabled, you must upgrade the processor in the GB-Ware system. Otherwise, disable the IPS service if you require speeds of 300/100.

    The issue surrounding the 20,000 connections requires more diagnosis. Please check if when the firewall reboots it generates a VM-Core file; if so please send this core file to
    You can check for a core file by adding the following to the firewall's URL: https://<FW_IP_Address>/vmcore