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  • Creating bulk users

    In organisations with 100+ accounts and no LDAP support for a SSL User, the web interface is not the most suitable tool.

    Feature request:
    Add a csv or xml import for creating bulk users.
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    GTA greatly appreciates your feedback. We currently have an open feature request for importing TXT or CSV files containing Users or Address Objects as well as the use of LDAP support with the GTA SSL Client.

    GB-OS already supports a partial XML import. Valid partial XML configurations must be generated and then uploaded to the firewall. This is done within [Configure -> Configuration -> Import/Export] by changing the radio button to test and checking the Partial Update check box.

    If you would like to use LDAP for a VPN service, we recommend using IPSec.


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      Partial XML import needs a reboot, so this is in most situations no solution (only in very small environments).

      I'm aware that IPSEC and LDAP are working, but IP IPSEC is not an option, because:
      - It is blocked on many customer locations. (wifi guest).
      - You cannot push routes easily, this works always with GTA SSL VPN.

      We have configured GTA SSL VPN to use port 443 which works perfectly in all situations


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        The reboot caveat is correct as well as certain guest networks, ISPs, and countries blocking IPSec. We have added your comments to the existing feature request for a CSV or TXT based import. Thank you again for your feedback.

        Running the SSL VPN Client over 443 (to most intermediate firewalls and filters) looks no different than normal HTTPS traffic and is a perfect solution to get around these VPN blocks.